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"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
Albert Einstein
Melissa Johnson
Valdosta State University
BA Marketing
Art Teacher
Goodyear Elementary School
3000 Roxboro Rd 
Brunswick, GA 31520
ext 3522


PBIS Awards Day and slime in the Art Room! Oh what fun it was for the students and what an adventure for me! Grinch Slime! I am eternally grateful to Kindergarten Parapro and student favorite Mr. Garcia for standing by me ALL day long as we created slime for Kindergarten through 5th grade for their award day. Also, love that my talented 5th grade girls came into the Art Room to show Mr. Garcia and me how to correctly create slime! I probably owe 2nd, 1st, and 4th graders some less slimy (is that even a word) slime!
Fa la la la la! We love a bright holiday in the art room! I'm in love with my door that showcases my Art Students painted paper snowflakes! It was a team effort and was inspired by spreading Joy and Kindness, which is what we try to promote in our Art Studio. Please disregard my trash can! Next project, stained glass creations for my lower window.
When you finally have a chance to clean up the Art Room and wander across this sweet surprise note that reads "We love you Mrs. Johnson". Well, I love you, and all of my art students too! It's this, among other things, that makes me love my job so much! I am so lucky to be doing what I do everyday!
Art Creative play day - I gave students items from my Art Closet - toilet paper rolls, playdoh, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, and other things. Their task was to make a sculpture out of the materials. My Artists did not disappoint! I loved seeing all of their impressive creations but this one by one of my talented 5th graders just blew me away. I wish you could zoom in to see the puppy on top of her sculpture. Wow!

Art Teacher

I am excited to be the Art Teacher at Goodyear Elementary School this year and look forward to meeting all my Amazing Artists!
We will be learning about Elements of Art and Principles of Design as well as famous artists and art movements.

The Earth without Art is just "Eh".